Case Study: Installing 25 Wraps Per Day Out of State

Challenge — A national brand needed 1,600 vans partially wrapped, and wanted 25 completed per day. Installation was to be at an upfitter’s out-of-state facility, and only during regular work hours. The upfitter — a vehicle graphics applicator as well — was unable to complete the required 25 wraps per day; however, they weren’t happy to share their facilities with a competitor. Adding to this, after artwork was changed by the national company, TKO Graphix had one week to print decals, transport and house installers, and send all the equipment and supplies needed.

Solution — To complete the number of decals needed on-time, TKO’s design, print, and production departments all went into overdrive. A CSR coordinated the efforts acting as liaison between the departments. Installation rotated six installers every two weeks. Shipping made certain that decals and supplies were at the facility before they were needed.

Result — 1,600 vans were wrapped and are on the road sharing the company’s message. Through mutual respect, the upfitter became a true partner on this project with TKO Graphix. However, the most important outcome is the customer’s financial and time savings. The logistics and time loss on a project of this magnitude can be costly, but the jobs were completed on-time, with ease, and during business hours at locations convenient to our customer.

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