Work Truck Graphics 

The Certified Lawn Care work truck graphics are an excellent example of staying on message. Too often, vehicle graphics miss the point or get so busy with text and images they become confusing. Not the case with the Certified Lawn Care work truck graphics. The simple design of the truck graphics is a combination of a partial wrap on the bed of the truck, a decal of their logo across the doors, and plotter cut letters of their website installed on the side of the toolbox. 

The Partial Wrap 

Prospects will instantly associate this truck with being a lawn care company. The partial wrap on the truck’s bed features an image of a lawn which captures attention and then draws the eye to the phone number. Did you notice how the phone number stands out? That’s because its white letters against a contrasting blue box, outlined in white, sets it apart from the imageIt also coordinates with the look of the company’s website and other branded materials. The size of the phone number is large enough to be seen whether it’s parked 100 feet away at a neighbor’s home or driving 55 MPH around Indianapolis. 

The Logo  

The Certified Lawn Care logo stretches across both doors of the 4-door pickup. I want you to look closely at the seam between the doors. Do you see any disruption of the decal? Nope. It may seem like a simple thing, but we often see decals placed on door seams that break up the graphic’s continuity. Take another look — this is how a professional installs vehicle graphics. 

The Website 

Finally, we come to their web address, Its placement on the toolbox is brilliant and doesn’t crowd or compete with the phone number on the bed of the truck.  

The work truck graphics on this Certified Lawn Care truck get the job done with simple imagery, messaging, and clear contact information. TKO Graphix is proud to have designed, produced, and installed these truck graphics.  

Looking for Lawn Care in Indianapolis?  

We were so impressed by Certified Lawn Care we wanted to share more about their company. Certified Lawn Care, headquartered in Greenwood, INare top-notch landscapers, but they do more than landscaping. Here are some of the services Certified Lawn Care provides. 

  • Aeration & Overseeding 
  • Lawn Treatments 
  • Landscape Design 
  • Landscape Lighting 
  • Grub Control 
  • Mosquito Spray 

Not only does Certified Lawn Care look the part with professional truck graphics, but according to their customers, they also deliver on their professional lawn care services. How many businesses have you seen that have more than 100 Google reviews and maintain a 5-Star rating? I can’t think of many, can you? Well, that’s what Certified Lawn Care has accomplished. As of 9/2/20, they had received 138 reviews, and every single one gave them five stars. Here’s just a few of their recent Google reviews. 

They delivered every day 
“They delivered on what they promised, the work was first class (cleaning up every day), the crews were very friendly and hard-working. Very professional service and quality work. I would highly recommend the team at Certified Lawn Care for any lawn work you would need.” 
– Kevin W. 

They moved with us!
“We have used CLC for years!!! I believe it’s been about 8 or 9 years now! Matt has always been great! Even when we moved, they moved with us! :) I always pass their info to anyone needing lawn service!” – Christy R. 

Great company
“I’ve used certified for many years now, and they are great! They have great prices and friendly employees! If there’s ever a problem, I know I could call them, and they would take care of it! Great company!” – Logan 

We’ve used them for 10 years
“We’ve been with Certified for over 10 years, and during these 10 years, they have provided top quality service and have our lawn one of the best looking in the neighborhood. Highly recommend Certified for all your lawn care needs” – Robert S. 

They are fantastic!
“Our landscaping and lawn look amazing!” – Sandi P. 

As you can see Certified Lawn Care not only cares about your lawn, but they care about their customers. We love seeing small businesses succeed and want to celebrate them. If you are in need of lawn care services in the Greenwood, IN or Indianapolis area, call our friends at Certified Lawn Care, (317) 535-1002 or 

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