If you’ve ever driven past a business you were trying to find, been lost on a company’s grounds, or wondered what they were thinking, because an organization’s sign didn’t match their mission, you’ve experienced signage fails. We see it every day. Signage shouldn’t be an afterthought, or only a copy of two a dimensional logo. It should be a well-considered project. It’s the first thing most people see.

PERQ Did it Right

PERQ, in its re-branding initiative, wanted to avoid these mistakes.  Muhammad Yasin, PERQ Director of Marketing said, “We had two goals, the entrance to be easy to find and to brand as soon as someone arrived at our entrance.”  Lee Faulkner, TKO Signs manager, took the challenge “We had a building extremely far back from the road. It was a very nice building but hard to see due to distance and landscaping with trees and a pond.”

Exterior Sign Criteria

Muhammad outlined his essentials for choosing the right signage for an organization’s needs.

• Your sign gives every new visitor a first impression of your business; make certain it’s the right one
• Your sign leaves a permanent impression with your neighbors—design it to fit its surroundings
• Your sign should speak to your companies personality, ambitions, and history

If you want to see how the challenge was met, watch this video. And if you’d like to learn how to choose exterior signage to fit your needs contact us. Lee and the TKO Signs team make awesome happen every day.

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