Are consumers impressed by your fleet graphics? Are your vehicle graphics getting the job done? Vehicle graphics can make an impact, unfortunately, that impact can be good or bad. Car and truck wraps done right can be a tremendous asset for any organization, while adhesive vinyl decals and graphics done poorly can have the opposite effect. It may be that most vehicle graphics fall in the middle. Graphics lost in the thousands of messages consumers are inundated with daily make little impact. There were reasons you and your business invested in vehicle graphics.

Did they include the following?

  • Lead generation—Direct contacts initiated by your vehicles.
  • Branding—Adding to the marketing and advertising efforts of your brand. Prospects may not directly contact you from exposure to the vehicle, but it helps keep your name in mind when needed.
  • Pride—For the organization and the team. Just ask employees how it feels to drive or ride in an old beat up non-descript company vehicle as compared to a beautifully branded ride.
  • Professionalism—If you want consumers to see you as professional you must look the part, and that includes, website, advertising, uniforms, and vehicles.
  • Credibility—You seldom see a large credible brand without effective vehicle graphics.

What vehicle graphics impress consumers?

The vehicle graphics that make an impact on consumers give them what they want. They catch their eye with design or hit their buttons with a call to action. They make it easy for prospects by giving them what they need and not making it difficult to find.

Capture the consumer’s attention

Let’s face it there’s a lot of competition for consumers attention. Consumers are bombarded with signs, ads, and other vehicle graphics. “A person living in a city 30 years ago saw up to 2,000 ad messages a day, compared with up to 5,000 today.” — New York Times Appealing vehicle graphics can use humorous or eye-catching graphics like the back door of this Effective Air Wrap.

Give them a reason to remember you

After capturing someone’s attention, you must give them a reason to care about what you have to offer. It could be a call to action, such as a special offer. You could share how you solve problems, such as 24-hour service, and you could promote your product or service with tag lines and images. For example, when you look at this box truck there’s no doubt what business Berger-Hargis is in.

Make it easy to find you

Contact information should be clear and easy to see from any view of your vehicle. If you make it difficult for consumers to find your information they’ll stop looking. The contact information should include, address, phone, and website. This Airmaster Heating & Cooling work van places contact information in plain sight.

Build the brand

If your cars and trucks match your marketing colors and logo, they become part of the brand. Even a few trucks that are easily identified as belonging to your brand make a big impact. The easier it is for consumers to identify your vehicles with your brand, the more they seem to appear. MRS (Maintenance Repair Service) is a good example of a unified brand.

Are Consumers Impressed by Your Fleet Graphics

Are your fleet graphics impressing or depressing? If your fleet graphics are doing the job, you get leads from them, people compliment them, and their professional appearance adds to your organization’s credibility. If they’re being ignored, they’re not doing the job. Being ignored can be depressing. If you’d like to learn more about making a positive impression with your fleet graphics Contact Us, we think you’ll be “impressed”.