Beginning at the end of 2016 and ending in the spring of 2017, TKO Graphix rebranded more than 18,000 semi tractor-trailers for one organization. I’ll let that sink in. We de-identified the existing trailers removing the old graphics as well as identification. We prepared the vehicles for new adhesive vinyl application, and we installed the new graphics. And we did this at the businesses locations. Therefore, saving them time and expense. It was a major fleet graphics rebrand.

A Daunting Logistics Task   

A rebrand of this size and scope can be a logistics challenge. Because coordinating the delivery of materials with the arrival of installation teams, and the transporting of the trailers takes a lot of preparation. Especially when it’s almost 20,000 trailers located throughout the United States.

But it’s more than that, it’s meeting design requirements, printing the graphics, and properly packing the finished product for shipping, as well as ordering supplies and tools, and then making it all fit together.

3 Keys to Coordinating a Major Fleet Graphics Rebrand

Communication and Planning

The process must start with open communication between the business and graphics provider. It should include expectations, timetables, and activities required from both. This particular organization organized a pre-project meeting to set expectations and avoid pitfalls.

The lines of communication have to remain open during the entire project. Neither the provider nor customer should have to guess at progress because unexpected breakdowns are bound to occur. Sharing information and working together on problem solving is vital.


No one can drive a project of this magnitude from the seat of their pants. Because even providers that are quick on their feet and get away improvising projects on the go may find that doesn’t work at this level. Proper preparation means coordinating materials, manufacturing, and manpower to meet the customer’s expectations. It also means setting a schedule of vehicle delivery that meets the clients as well as the installation crew’s needs. Preparing for Sudden Business Growth.

Quality Control

Improper packaging for shipment, poorly printed graphics, or decals slapped on to meet deadlines probably won’t meet a customer’s needs. The project should be checked and double checked continuously.

  • Are the customers’ expectations being met?
  • Is the job proceeding on time?
  • Are the graphics what they hoped for?
  • Are they installed as the client wanted?

These questions and more should be asked and answered daily. Here’s just one of many examples of what can go wrong without dedicated QC. Don’t Let Poor packaging Ruin Your Vehicle Graphics.

Not All Vehicle Graphics Providers are Equal

At least one other vehicle graphics provider had attempted this project before TKO Graphix. The other team wasn’t able to meet the customer’s expectations. The lesson here is for fleet owners to vet the capabilities of providers before beginning any project whether it’s a graphics rebrand or preventive maintenance. However, that’s not always as easy as it sounds. How to Grade a Vehicle Graphics Provider.

If we can answer any questions for you, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We’ll “coordinate” our communication with you.