This video shares how we helped PERQ create visual excitement in their workspace. They had the vision—we helped make it happen. With a vast amount of empty wall space, much of it concrete block, it was a golden opportunity to create something impactful.

How Can YOU Add Visual Excitement to Your Workspace?

Muhammad Yasin, PERQ Director of Marketing, advised to begin by asking, “What’s the culture of your company? What cultural characteristics do you promote and support?” In the video Muhammad goes on to outline how asking this question began the process for his team. PERQ identified four characteristics, which marketing design specialist Blake McCreary, with advice from TKO Graphix designer Alisha Nail, translated into visual excitement.

The Four Aspects of the PERQ Culture

Depicted on the rock concert wall. “People are drawn to self-confidence and enthusiasm.”

Competitive greatness
Shared on the basketball wall. “Sometimes your very best is required, and when those times come, those who are great really shine.”

Shown on the library wall. “Marketing isn’t magic. There’s a lot numbers and science that go into ensuring a marketing plan is going to be successful.”

Portrayed on the rock climbing wall. “Perseverance pays off. We reach long term goals through resilience and a desire to achieve greatness.”

Determine the characteristics your culture represents then open up to the creative possibilities of the space you have available. PERQ’s wall space was an empty canvas waiting to be filled. So if you don’t think adding visual excitement makes a difference in the work atmosphere and environment—ask PERQ or better yet, stop and pay a visit. I think you’ll be excited by what you see.

If you’d like some ideas about how to add excitement to your workspace contact our wall graphics specialist, Azure Smith at (

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