I’m not a dog owner but I like this Curbside Clips trailer wrap. We have two indoor cats, but that’s not counting the four outdoor cats we feed every day, have named, and take to the vet. Those outside cats aren’t ours. Although we do pamper them as much as you can an outdoor cat. However, this quote from Curbside Clips Facebook page hit home. “Let us come to you!! Pamper and love your pet right outside their home. No more stressful car rides, cage free!” — Curbside Clips Dog Grooming Facebook.  

Our cats, all six of them … I mean both of them, experience stress during car rides. Mobile home grooming is a wonderful idea, but only if the groomers know how to put your fur babies at ease.

Curbside Clips Reviews

So, I checked out Curbside Clips reviews and found the following:

“Jessica was wonderful! Did a great job on my Chihuahua and handled my miniature schnauzer puppy who is in the biting phase very sweetly! Both dogs look so good and we are happy to have found such an awesome local groomer!”

“Jessica had her work cut out for her today! 3 Dogs – 2 Five-Year-Old Boxers & 1 Catahoula Hound!! What a GEM 💎 Jessica did an amazing job & handled the pups great. Also, love that grooming is done here at our Lake Home! So much easier than loading Bo, Josie Girl & Clyde up & taking them to a facility!!! Thank You, Curbside Clips.”

“Jessica has groomed my English Springer Spaniel twice. He is older and has a hard time standing for very long. Jessica did an amazing job with him and Brewster really likes her. I highly recommend her. Thanks again Jessica.”

This is only a small sampling of the many positive reviews I found for Curbside Clips.

The Curbside Clips Trailer Wrap

I was so excited about sharing the reviews I found that I almost forgot about the Curbside Clips trailer wrap. To quote one of Curbside Clips customers the trailer is, “Woof woof bark bark bark woof.” I don’t think you can top that recommendation.

The Curbside Clips trailer wrap uses a red background framed in white on the lower third of the trailer. The fonts and colors are the same as you’ll find on their Facebook page, which establishes the brand. The contact info is easy to find and to read even at 55 MPH, and it’s on every side of the trailer. The image of a happy puppy in a bubble of soap and water catches your eye, and you can’t miss the paw prints! It’s all tied together with the tagline, “Let us come to you.” This trailer wrap works.

How Can We Help You?

There’s no doubt in my mind that the Curbside Clips trailer wrap will help earn new customers. They’ll get calls from folks who pass them on the highway, neighbors who spot them in the driveway next door, and potential clients who see them parked at some local eatery for lunch. So, here’s a couple of questions for you. Are your fleet vehicles wrapped? If not, could you use a few more customers? If you’d like to find out, Contact Us.

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