Last year, I had the privilege of meeting Alligator Aaron from Indiana Wild while TKO Graphix completed a wrap on his Honda Element. I introduced myself and asked a few questions about the wrap and why he chose TKO Graphix. As the video shows, it didn’t take much prodding for Alligator Aaron to tell his TKO story. He’s not only a satisfied customer, he’s also had success with business generated from his vehicle graphics.

Aaron is passionate about what he and Indiana Wild have to offer. In his own words,

“(Indiana Wild has) The MOST incredible live animal shows for any group of people — schools, childcare, birthday parties, libraries, churches, scouts, camps, corporate events, and fairs and festivals!”

When you need a crowd and child-friendly attraction for your event, call Alligator Aaron at 260-466-5926. You can also follow him on Twitter (@AlligatorAaron), and Like him on Facebook. We don’t believe you’ll be disappointed.