I see the Dawson’s van graphics frequently. I’ve lived less than a mile from Main Street Speedway since 2001. However, as an avid racing fan, I’ve walked Main St. Speedway since the late 1960s. Believe me; it has changed. And it’s changed for the better. Back then, I thought the street, which paved the way to the largest one-day event in the world, should have more to offer.

The town of Speedway and its leaders agreed with me. When Dawson’s on the Main opened in 2006, there wasn’t a lot to do on Main Street. You could say that Dawson’s laid the bricks. DOTM showed Speedway, Indianapolis, Central Indiana, and Racing fans from around the world that Main St. Speedway could support a restaurant serving fine food – a destination restaurant. Dawson’s van graphics share this message.

Today Main St. is full of exciting things to see, places to eat, and activities to do, such as an indoor carting track. Did I mention food and drink? There’s a wine vault, Brewhouse, Irish Pub, BBQ, and more. BTW, Dawson’s on the Main’s made from scratch beef stroganoff is to die for. You should try it.

Check Out What Speedway has to say about Main St. 

“In town to catch a race? Looking for something different and unexpected to do in the Indy area? Can’t get enough of race-related fun? You’ve come to the right place! Speedway’s revitalized Main Street is a unique mix of restaurants, shopping, family activities, and more…all within walking distance of the world-renowned Indianapolis Motor Speedway.” — Speedway, Indiana Visit Main Street

Who is Dawson’s on the Main?

“The Hill family opened Dawson’s on Main in June of 2006. We are known for friendly service, great steaks, fresh seafood, local craft beers, and the best Hoosier tenderloin around. Come by and introduce yourself and see what you have been missing. We are a full-service restaurant on beautifully renovated Main Street in the heart of Speedway, Indiana. We are conveniently located directly across the street from the most famous racetrack in the world in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.” — About Dawson’s on the Main

The Dawson’s Van Graphics

The fleet graphics on this van are deceptively simple. The Dawson’s on the Main logo draws the eye. Next, we see “Established in 2006”, which creates credibility. And then, we find exactly what they do – Steaks, Seafood, and Sandwiches. This wrap works.

Behind the Scenes

I asked National National Accounts Manager and research & development specialist Jason Scheurer about the Dawson on the Main van graphics. Here’s what Jason had to share.

What can you tell me about Dawson’s van graphics?

The van will be used mostly for catering. He wanted a clean look. We tied in the sign that we did for Dawson’s on Main. The idea was to create a simpler and cleaner look by leaving out the images of food.”

What’s it like working with them?

“It’s very good working with them. They’re more like family. I’ve known Chris Hill, the owner, for years. Plus, my nephew married his niece. LOL!

They’re good people to work with, and Dawson’s on the Main has become one of my personal favorite places to go for dinner and drinks.”   

What’s different about this design compared to what we’ve done in the past for Dawson’s?

“Just a cleaner look tying into the restaurant more, not just food images.”

What’s their thought behind the tagline,“A drinking town with a racing problem”?

“It’s catchy … They’re saying that there is more to Main St. Speedway than many people know.”   

 What else should I ask you that I haven’t asked?

“I think that’s it … Just good food and good people that support what we are doing in Speedway.”

Dawson’s Van Graphics Drives Their Message Home 

If you’d like your own fleet vehicles to deliver a catchy message Contact Jason, he’d be happy to help you drive your message home.