Does size matter? Not if you’re asking does the size of a corporate vehicle matter when considering vehicle graphics. It doesn’t matter. What matters isn’t the size of the car, truck, or van but the quality of the graphic design.

Think About it

“A vehicle in a metro area receives 30,000 – 70,000 views per day. Five years or 1825 days at 30,000 impressions per day (low-end) equals 54,750,000 views. If you wrapped six vehicles, that’s more than 328 MILLION views!” — Why Haven’t You Wrapped Your Fleet Vehicles? These numbers hold true whether the vehicle is a compact car or a tractor-trailer. Yes, a tractor trailer is a large canvas. It’s the billboard of vehicle graphics, but smaller signs work too. Not every sign is a billboard. Vehicle advertising works on smaller cars.

It’s the Smart Thing to do

I saw a Smart Car fully wrapped for a vision group. The side of the car advertised Lasik Surgery, the rear shared their web address and phone number and then in large letters it shared, “Be Smart”. It’s a tiny car. I don’t know if there is a smaller car on the market. Yet, the wrap worked but did size matter?

Mini Matters

Last week we received a request to wrap minibikes, short, tiny wheeled, motorbikes. They’re used at events and the company wanted them branded. They want to use them to advertise. Size didn’t matter; the advertising opportunity is what mattered.

It’s not the size of the Vehicle

And not only doesn’t the vehicle size matter, but also the purpose. I remember twenty years ago when the company I worked for decided to brand all company vehicles. I went from driving a plain white corporate mid-size car to driving an advertisement. The truth is, I wasn’t excited about it. I thought it was a waste of money, and then people began asking me questions. “I see you work for ABC company do you think they could help me with…? My mind was changed. Is it time to change your mind and wrap all of your fleet, not just part of it? If so let us know. Contact us; we’re just the right size to help you.