People can always find reasons to avoid taking action, to delay making a decision. There is almost no good reason not to advertise on organizational vehicles. Maybe if the vehicle is temporary or being replaced—just maybe, or if a company has no marketing budget. If a business does have a marketing budget vehicle graphics are one of the most cost effective methods of adverting. According to OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America) Vehicle graphics cost .77 per CPM (One Thousand Impressions) much less than TV, radio, or print.  So…what’s your excuse? Is it valid?

These Excuses Don’t Hold Water

Vehicle graphics cost too much – Vehicle graphics should be considered an advertising investment, and one that has a lower cost and higher ROI (Return on Investment) than most advertising strategies. Effective vehicle graphics are available in a wide range of applications at various price points. When vehicle graphics are mentioned, most people think of full wraps, but that’s only a small part of what can be done. Decals, properly placed on a vehicle can be just as effective and less money. How much does a Vehicle Wrap Cost?

My company isn’t big enough, and I don’t have a fleet of vehicles – What’s that got to do with it? If a marketing strategy works…it works. And, in this case, it works on one vehicle or 500.

My vehicle is too small, too old, too new, too… Get over it. Unless it’s for sale, your vehicle is not too anything. Vehicle advertising works on Mini Coopers, boats, and motorcycles. Vehicle graphics can protect the finish on new vehicles and good graphics can make an old vehicle look new.

Vinyl graphics don’t last in my weather – That might be so—if an unknowledgeable provider furnished you with adhesive vinyl graphics not suited to your needs or weather. 3M, Avery, and others offer hundreds of materials for every need and climate.

It’s time to Advertise

Seriously, unless your business is failing, you don’t own vehicles, or you have no marketing budget there just isn’t any good reason not to advertise on your vehicles. If you’d like us to take away any other excuses you have let us know –we’ll tell you the truth.