Should your business drive your charitable initiatives with fleet advertising?

Charitable focused fleet graphics can promote your brand and mission without even showing your products, services, or USP (Unique Sales Position). How? If your company’s mission includes serving the community and giving back, then you can make an impact by promoting your charitable initiatives using fleet graphics. So, should your organization drive your charitable initiatives with fleet advertising?

Supporting a charity, and also promoting it, with fleet advertising speaks volumes to consumers on the road. Here’s a few reasons why you should drive your charitable initiatives with fleet advertising.

Consumers Patronize and Support Businesses that Care

More and more consumers want to know that the organizations they buy from take corporate responsibility for giving back. A study from Mintel, one of the world’s leading marketing intelligence agencies, concluded that Americans consider companies charitable work when making a purchase, “…84% of consumers say it is important to them that a company supports charitable causes, with some willing to take it a step further when corporate giving aligns with their own beliefs. Half (50%) of Americans say that they would switch to a company that supports a cause they believe in, rising to 61% of adult generation consumers (aged 18-23) and Millennials (aged 24-41), respectively.”

People Want to Work for Socially Responsible Companies

Employees are attracted to companies that do more than push their products. Not only is it a selling point during the hiring process, but studies show that organizations who embrace charitable initiatives have lower employee turnover.

According to a Project ROI study, a well-designed corporate social responsibility program will improve employee engagement by up to 7.5%, raise productivity by 13%, lower turnover by more than 50%, and grow revenue by as much as 20%.

Fleet Advertising Makes an Impact

Fleet graphics are one of the most cost-effective marketing methods. The ATA (American Trucking Association) findings, cited in this white paper, Vehicle Branding: Is there Hidden Value in Your Fleet?, discovered that 75% of people developed a first impression about a company and its products from truck advertising.

Furthermore, an impressive 91% of people stated that they not only noticed advertising on the side of trucks but could also remember them days later. Most importantly, however, the survey revealed that almost a third of people would base a buying decision on the impression they got from vehicle advertisements.

If consumers are reached 91% of the time by product advertising on fleet graphics, wouldn’t it stand to reason that if you drive your charitable initiatives with fleet advertising, the campaign would do at least that well? We think so.

Should Your Business Drive Your Charitable Initiatives with Fleet Advertising?

But what about your business? Should your organization drive your charitable initiatives with fleet advertising? Are fleet graphics in the budget? There are ways to promote your charitable initiatives with fleet graphics without breaking the bank. What about the fleet graphics already on your vehicles? It might be possible to use a short-term adhesive vinyl or only cover part of your vehicle with a partial wrap or decals. Many organizations wrap only a few of their vehicles to promote charitable initiatives, not the entire fleet. Our team of professionals can help you find a design that works for you.

What Charitable Initiatives Does Your Organization Support?

So, where do you start? First, list the charitable initiatives your organization is involved with. Then choose the charity that currently means the most to you and your team.

  • Do you and your team support a charity by volunteering?
  • Do you make charitable contributions?
  • Do you sponsor the charity’s events?
  • Do you host drives such as blood drives or toy drives?

People Want to Know You Care

Yes, people want to know your business cares. What people? Consumers who use your service or buy your product. Employees who are part of your team and those considering a position with your organization. And if you’re privileged to be part of a corporate leadership team, you want it too. Not only because it’s good for business but because it’s the right thing to do, and that’s a good reason why you should drive your charitable initiatives with fleet advertising.

We’d love to help you with ideas on how to drive your charitable initiatives with fleet advertising. If we can answer any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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