Great question, we’re glad you asked. The answer to, “Are there volume discounts for vehicle graphics” is yes there are. However, it may not be how you think. For example, in our Promotional Products division, there are cut and dried numbers such as, when you order some types of branded pens it’s a set price but when you order 100 it goes down, and then at 200 it’s even lower. For vehicle graphics discounts there’s not a set price at 10 another at 25 and still another at 50. It’s more about the variables and passing savings on to the customer.

Square Footage

Vendors base material cost on square footage. To a point the more square feet we order at one time of a particular adhesive vinyl the less it costs us. Total square footage for a project would be calculated by the square feet per vehicle times the number of vehicles. Therefore, it will vary by the graphic design. In others words, a full wrap will have more square feet than a partial wrap. Regardless, a larger order may cost less per square foot, and if it does, we pass the savings on to our clients.

Labor Costs

Labor costs are set but can vary by the number of installers needed. However, the cost of sending a crew to your site to remove old graphics, prep the vehicle for a new installation, and apply the adhesive vinyl is the same whether the crew installs graphics on five vehicles or fifty. The cost divided by fifty cars or trucks is far less than divided by five.

Print Options

At TKO we have state of the art digital printers, but we also have a large format screen department. If you’ve never seen one you should pay us a visit. Because of the time and cost to set up screen print, it isn’t practical or cost-effective for small runs. However, it’s great for many large runs, and when the costs of set up are divided by multiple prints, it might be less than digital.  Digital or Screen Print Which Should You Use?

But Wait, There’s More

There are other considerations such as, artwork, travel time, vehicle condition. Also, whether the vehicle graphics are cut plotter decals, partial wraps, or full covers makes a difference. But the bottom line is there might not be set volume discounts for fleet graphics, but there certainly are volume savings. If you’d like to know how much you could save on your fleet graphics Contact Us.