Can I change information on my vehicle wrap is a great question. Because you’re not the first and won’t be the last to ask this question. Businesses in the midst of a rebrand ask if they can change out their logo. Companies move and want to add their new address. Phone numbers change, and we’ve had a few customers who have changed their website URL. The answer is sometimes, maybe, and probably not because altering a wrap isn’t always the best answer.


If possible future changes were accounted for during initial design it can be easier to complete, but not always. When it’s cut decals and not a full wrap, it’s much easier to change out a decal rather than attempt to overlay a wrap. If the design file is available, a panel can be redesigned with the new information, the old panel removed, and the new applied to the wrap.


It’s possible to create an overlay to cover part of an existing wrap, but it’s difficult to make it look like an integral part of the wrap. Some of the old graphics may bleed through the new overlay, and placing vinyl over the existing graphic may be noticeable.

Probably not

If the wrap is two or three years old, the graphic has faded. It may not be apparent because it’s a uniform fade, but it’s there. This can be made worse by the color, for example, red, climate—think Arizona, or  horizontal placement like a rooftop, which takes more direct sunlight. If the original graphic has faded it will be difficult to match. The condition of the graphic, and the vehicle, are also factors. Has the vinyl been damaged? Corroded by chemicals? Scrapped by tree branches? Damaged in a parking lot?

What’s the best answer for you?

Talk to a pro. Take your vehicle to a shop or send photos. Seek advice from those who are in the know, and be prepared when you’re told it can be changed, but it won’t look good unless it’s replaced. If you’d like us to look at your vehicle contact us, our information hasn’t changed.