So, how can you get the most exposure from vehicle graphics?  The key to increased impressions or exposure of your vehicle graphics is getting them seen. It begins with a graphic design that sends the message you intend and does it in a way that catches the consumer’s eye while holding their attention. 5 Keys to Vehicle Graphic Design.

Who Will See it?

The daily itinerary for any work vehicle may not vary; it may be routine, but what about when the car or truck isn’t working? Who sees it then? Insurance may limit some exposure, for example, employees driving company vehicle after hours may carry restrictions. Some limitations may be for protection, such as parking a vehicle inside to limit theft, but there are other ways to increase exposure.

How to Get the Exposure from Vehicle Graphics

Take Branded vehicles to events. Whether your organization sponsored the event or not, schedule and encourage teammates to drive company vehicles to local sporting events, conventions, and attractions. Be sure to park as near the entrance as possible.

Pick the best spot to park. When parking, place the vehicle nearest the busiest street or intersection. It may mean walking a bit to your destination, but the prominent placement of your branded vehicle can make an impact. All it takes is one call from a prospect who saw your vehicle while they were waiting at a light. If possible, park your vehicles outside after hours for more impressions.

Market your fleet graphics

Include your fleet vehicles in your marketing. You want consumers to recognize your vehicle at a glance. The best way to do that is to include images of the company vehicles in all marketing and advertising. By showing your vehicle in brochures, on your website, and in your advertising you’ll establish a brand folks become familiar with.

Make a Lasting Impression

If you want your message shared, put it out there every chance you get. Don’t limit your branded vehicles to their daily routes. Think of them as rolling billboards. They’re not only work vehicles they’re advertising. Where do you want to be seen and by whom? If you’d like to learn more, contact us, we won’t overexpose you.