FAQ: Can I Use Magnetic Vehicle Graphics?Magnetic vehicle graphics are a viable solution for some vehicle graphics needs. However, they have limitations. If you use your personal vehicle for work, and you’d like to use the sign in the day, but remove it when you take the kids to soccer practice — magnetic signs may be your answer. These signs are also convenient for temporary vehicles like event carts, courtesy cars, or short-term leased vehicles.

What are the Limitations?

• They only attach to metal. Fiberglass, aluminum, or body parts repaired with non-metallic fillers will not hold the graphic.

• They don’t adhere well to curves. The best application is on flat surfaces.

• Simple geometric shapes like squares, triangles, and circles work best. More complicated shapes can peel back and eventually rip.

• Since they may be easily removed and damaged, there is no warranty. It may be best to store them when the vehicle is not in use.

• The maximum material width is 48″ — graphics wider than 48” will require a seam.

For multipurpose vehicles, or those only used occasionally, magnetic graphics can be a cost effective advertising and identification option. If you’d like to learn more, contact us — we’d be happy to discuss the “field of magnetics” with you.

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