If you’re considering whether to wrap or paint your vehicle to change its appearance, you should read further. We’ve recently wrapped more vehicles, not only as advertising or promotion, but to simply change the appearance. We’ve wrapped vehicles in one or two colors, with or without graphic designs, and used various materials and textures. We’ve also wrapped cars and trucks to protect them from the elements and to enhance their resale value.

The first time I saw a car being wrapped—not for advertising purposes, but to change its appearance—was a few years ago. A late model car sat in our installation bay with damage on all four doors, hood, and trunk. It seemed someone was upset with the vehicle’s owner, and had keyed very colorful, derogatory opinions on the vehicle. We wrapped the entire car to cover the literary attempts of the disgruntled writer.

Today, it has become popular to wrap a vehicle to change its look. Changing the color is obvious, but colors and textures can be combined to create something new, such as this Mini cooper wrapped in a matte black and carbon fiber finish, using the versatile 3M 180C material. Instead of just using vinyl to change the color of your car—why not design an entire new look using multiple colors, textures, and materials? Would you like to learn more? Contact us at 1-800-544-8051, or get a quote.