Can I wrap my leased vehicles is a good question.We’re going to answer your question with a resounding…most likely. Last year we wrapped or applied cut decals on more than 50,000 vehicles most of which were leased. When we opened our doors, thirty years ago, lessors may not have been in tune with adhesive vinyl graphics but today advertising on company vehicles, with vinyl graphics, is an accepted practice. In most cases, leases allow for and approve applying graphics. Many vehicles come directly to us from the lessor for graphics installation before being delivered to the customer. However, it’s prudent to review the lease agreement before committing to vehicle graphics.

Review your Lease

Most vehicle leases don’t restrict vehicle graphic application, but it makes sense to review the lease before committing to graphics. Some leases don’t qualify graphics one way or the other. If that is the case, it may be best to ask the lessor for permission and request written documentation approving graphics application.

Watch out for these Red Flags

As the lessee, you will be responsible for the condition of the leased vehicle upon return. There are a few instances where vinyl graphics application could damage the finish of the vehicle. Here’s what to avoid.

  • Fresh paint – If any part of the leased vehicle has been painted within the last 30-60 days applying graphics could damage the new paint. Some paints take as long as 60 days to cure. While paint is curing it releases gasses that adversely affect the adhesive vinyl.
  • Quality of vinyl – Using an inexpensive low-end product can cost more in the long run. Calendered vinyl, which is mixed when created, is less elastic and doesn’t conform to contours as well as cast vinyl, which is manufactured by rolling it out like dough. Using a low-end adhesive vinyl may lead to damaging the paint when it come time to remove the graphic.
  • Time of use – Using a vinyl past its warranted life expectancy can lead to problems removing the graphics. For example, a two-year warranted material left on a vehicle for five years will be difficult to remove. De-identification may include scrapping the surface or applying chemicals to the finish, either of which may damage the vehicle.

Wraps are Standard Operating Practice

Applying vehicle graphics to leased business vehicles has become standard practice. Most leasing companies expect business vehicles to have some type of graphics applied to the surface. As I mentioned, many leasing companies deliver new leased vehicles to graphics providers for graphic installation. However, it’s wise to review the lease before investing in graphics. It’s also important to avoid graphics applications that could damage the surface of the vehicle. If you’d like to learn more, contact us we can ease your mind and re-lease your fears about applying graphics to your leased vehicles.

Photo by Daniel Oines / CC BY-SA