Our new Hewlett Packard Scitex FB700 Printer can print on virtually any flat surface, rigid or flexible, including wood, metal, and plastic. This flatbed UV printer can accommodate substrates up to 2.5 inches thick, 98 inches wide, and 120 inches long. UV printers are digital printers that use acrylic inks exposed to ultra violet light to print directly to media. So—what do you want printed, your front entry door, ceiling tiles, or a two inch thick dimensional company logo?

It’s Adaptable to Many Applications

The HP Scitex FB700 is the state of the art in flat bed UV printers.  Loading is improved with an onboard camera that shares the position of the material with the operator. An automatic alignment bar eliminates the need for masking and speeds up the positioning process. Unlike some printers, the 700’s automated service station maintains the print heads during operation reducing costly down time. Speed and DPI (dots per inch) can be adjusted to meet the price and quality needs of the consumer.  A sign seen from 50 feet away may not require the highest density DPI, whereas your organizations lobby sign, one of the first things visitors notice, should be of the highest quality. You should have the choice; one size doesn’t fit all—the FB700 offers the options to do the job you need.

white_printWhite Ink Option

What is a white ink option? Hewlett Packard shares, “This printer provides an easy, convenient white ink option. The process of adding or removing white ink is a simple one. And a unique HP White Ink Homogenizer maintains the stability of the white ink, preventing pigment sedimentation.”  This process has many uses including the creation of beautiful images like the one to the left, which was printed all in white ink on a black substrate.

The versatility of the HP Scitex FB700 is a welcome addition to our complete accompaniment of digital and screen printers. If you have a flat surface you’d like to print directly to, as long as it fits the printer—the sky is the limit.  Let’s see… we could print on cabinet doors, table tops, regular or oversized yard signs, wall dividers, billboards, magnets, signs, or? What do you want printed?

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