FAQ: How Do You Remove Old Decals?

Australian Gold jeep vehicle graphics
Last week, three friends asked me this question, and I told them – YES YOU CAN. But only a few years ago, it wasn’t always cost effective to wrap one or even a few vehicles. The difference is the advent of digital printers, improved inks, and modern adhesive backed vinyl’s. With today’s digital printers, it’s both feasible AND cost-effective to advertise on one or two cars or trucks. Before digital print was introduced, vehicle advertising was limited to paint or screen print. Due to the expense and time involved in painting, branding the vehicle was usually limited to stenciling the company name—not truly great vehicle advertising. As for screen print, a large part of the cost is the setup. A setup cost shared by 50 vehicles is minimal, but when it’s for one vehicle, it can be prohibitive.

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