Do you have cheap temporary vehicle graphics? The answer isn’t cut and dried. It may seem as if there should be a low-end adhesive vinyl, which could be used for all short-term or one-time events, but that’s not the case. Factors, other than time on the vehicle, must be considered to determine the best material for the job. For example, the SUV shown above was a new Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV that Indy School on Wheels raffled off. Although the wrap was removed before the winner took possession, a high-end material was used. A cheap material would have looked…cheap, and that wasn’t the image School on Wheels wanted.

What are the factors?

Image and branding – Regardless of how long the vehicle graphics are to remain on the vehicle it needs to look good. Using a non-compliant material, not intended to bend around corners, on a wrap can look terrible. The appearance of any vehicle graphic, whether it’s on the car or truck for one year or one day, is paramount. Do you want your name associated with a poorly done graphic parked at an event for thousands to see?

Time on Vehicle – Will the graphics stay on the vehicle one weekend, three weeks, or six months. It can make a difference.

Coverage – Will it be flat decals or a full wrap?  The material choice will have much to do with the answer to this question.

Construction – For example, a 53-foot trailer with exposed rivets will need a high-quality material to cover the rivets. Cheap material will bubble and tear around the rivets. Not a good look regardless of how temporary it is.

Substrate – Are the graphics going over existing graphics? If so, material choice is critical. Using a cheaper material could damage the existing vinyl during removal, and the wrong material could allow the current graphics to bleed through

And the Answer is?

While researching this post, I discovered more than one vehicle graphics provider that talked about the advantages of using low-cost materials for short term vehicle graphics. One even mentioned using them on rental cars—I’d want to be darn sure I used a material that didn’t damage the finish on a rental car, wouldn’t you? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. I wish there were, but it depends on the vehicle, time, coverage, and construction. A low-end material may fit your needs, or it may cause problems. The good news is, if you can answer the questions we shared above, we can recommend the best adhesive vinyl for your needs. If you’d like to learn more let us know, we’ll recommend the best material for your needs. We’ll stick it to your vehicle but not to you.