That’s a good question; does your truck or trailer need a liftgate? It depends on what you transport and where it’s shipped, for example:

How Much Do Your Deliveries Weigh?

Most shipments weighing less than 150 pounds will lift from the back of the bed to the ground. If a package weighs more than 150 pounds it’s possible a customer might have to refuse delivery, or the driver may need to transport the package to its final destination, either option adds expense to the carrier.

Where Do You Deliver?

If you have a fleet of OTR (over the road) 53-foot trailers that only deliver full loads to warehouses equipped with docks and forklifts, then you don’t need a liftgate. However, if your business is LTL (lighter than load) delivering to retail outlets, hospitals, job sites, or residential then a liftgate could save you time and in the logistics industry time is money.

When you need a liftgate on your truck.

Dies your truck need a liftgate?

Which Liftgate is Best for My Business?

The best liftgate for your business is the one that fits your needs; there are fold up, tuck under, and side mount lift gates just to name a few. Also, your vehicles bed height, weight, and rear gate dimensions must be considered.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

  • If you operate in a cold climate, you may want to add power down. Liftgates are hydraulic and in very cold weather oil thickens, which can slow or stop the gate from lowering, adding a power down option eliminates this concern.
  • Total weight capacity is something to think about, but it’s not only the weight of the shipments you’ll be transporting, but also the weight of skids, jacks, and driver. Typically, liftgate capacity varies from 1500 pounds to 3500 pounds.
  • Should the lift be fabricated from steel or aluminum? The advantages of aluminum are that its lighter in weight and non-corrosive. Steel usually costs less but is heavier and can corrode if not protected.
  • The cost of liftgates can vary widely. Although staying in budget is important; cutting what’s best for your fleet to reduce the initial cost can be more expensive in the long haul. For example, opting for a load capacity less than what fits your shipping needs or a platform to small for all of your deliveries can be costly mistakes.

Have We Answered Your Question?

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Photo by Tadeu Jnr on Unsplash