We’re glad you asked because you don’t need a certified graphics installer to apply a small decal or sticker, but you do need to know how to go about it.

It starts with the vehicle

First off, the vehicle must be in good condition. Applying a decal to cover a blemish, dent, or rust will not work. It’s not like hanging a picture over a hole in the wall. The decal will not hide the damage or adhere to rust.

The Environment is critical

The temperature must be above 40 degrees F (55 for reflective materials) and works best at 70 degrees and above. When the temperature approaches 90 degrees, the surface of a dark vehicle may reach 150 degrees, or more, and may be too hot, 50% or less humidity is best, and a well-lit clean environment is preferable.

13 Steps to applying a decal

  1. Clean the surface area, and then clean it again. Use isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) to thoroughly clean the area.
  2. Let it dry before you apply.
  3. Measure twice. Use surface landmarks such as door frames to make measurements. You may find a level handy. A crooked decal isn’t a pretty sight.
  4. Mark it. Use a pencil to make small light marks designating where to attach the decal.
  5. Tape it. Tape the decal to the marks with two or three small vertical pieces of tape and double check the level.
  6. Apply a tape hinge. Tape the top of the decal horizontally from end-to-end.
  7. Remove the backing. Don’t touch the adhesive, but lift the decal from the bottom and slowly remove the backing, beginning at the top, from an 180-degree angle. If it’s a larger decal begin by removing the top quarter to one-third.
  8. Be sure the decal is flat and tight.
  9. Squeegee the decal with steady even strokes. Begin at the top center and work down and outward. If you don’t have a professional vehicle application squeegee use a credit card.
  10. Remove the protective pre-mask. This is the masking tape-like film protecting the decal. Pull down at 180-degrees and discard.
  11. Re-squeegee. Go over the entire decal one more time. Be careful not to damage the sticker.
  12. Let it dry. Preferably let it sit in the sun. Don’t try to wipe or wash it until it’s completely dry.
  13. Wipe and wash it with mild soapy water. Remove any pencil markings that remain.

Can I wrap my car?

For a bigger task, something more than a decal, we’d recommend using a professional applicator. However, it can be done. Can I wrap my car myself?

If you’d like to learn more contact us, we’ll help you stick it where it belongs.