So, how can I safely remove decals from my trailer? Removing adhesive vinyl graphics from a work truck or trailer presents a few challenges. It’s similar to removing decals from a car, but the scale changes things – especially if it’s an entire fleet of work trucks or trailers. Because most methods of decal removal involve solvents and chemicals used to dissolve the adhesive; unfortunately, any solvent strong enough to dissolve the adhesive is capable of adversely affecting human health and the environment.

It can be hazardous to use harsh solvents in the large amounts needed for fleet and truck de-identification. Ammonia is one of the agents used to remove decals, which – if not used properly in a controlled environment – can cause severe damage to skin, lungs, and eyes. Two other common and potentially harmful solvents used in graphics removal are  acetone, found in nail polish remover, and propyl alcohol.

FAQ: How Can I Safely Remove Decals From My Trailer?

Is there a safe alternate method? Yes, there’s an environmentally friendly solution – STEAM. The key to steaming off decals is to get the temperature correct: too hot, and you may damage the finish. We suggest you experiment first on a small, unexposed area of the vehicle. We try not to be too self-promoting on this blog, but we’re proud that we don’t use harsh chemicals for graphics removal. So, we use steam, and would be happy to tell you about it. Using environmentally unfriendly chemicals when it’s unnecessary gets us – all steamed up!

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