That’s a great question, and there are several factors involved. While a lot of emphasis is placed on getting a car wrap, vehicle graphics, or decals for your vehicle, we have a lot of customers who need to have their old branding removed FIRST.

How Long Has the Decal or Graphic Been On the Vehicle?

If the decals have been on the vehicle longer then recommended, it can be difficult, time consuming, and damaging to the finish. A vinyl with a seven year compliance, which is older than ten years, will be challenging to remove and may pull off parts of the finish.

What Type of Vinyl Material Was Used?

Quality adhesive vinyl is removable, provided it’s designed for vehicle application, and it’s within the recommended time limits. Cheaper materials may use adhesives never intended for removal, which can make removal tedious and time consuming. It’s difficult to find out what materials were used. The material should be tested by first removing a small area on an unseen part of the vehicle.

What Condition Are the Decals?

Are the decals scratched, cut, or damaged? If so, they may come off in parts or strips, rather than a whole. Once again, this can be time consuming. We recently de-identified (removed the old decals) from a 53’ semi-trailer, which had tree branch scratches along the top of the trailer. It doubled the removal time as the decal came off in pieces. Thoroughly inspecting the vehicle for damage can help establish the time required to complete the task.

How Much Adhesive Remains After the Decal is Removed?

Lesser quality adhesives may not be designed for removal, and can take a lot of elbow grease to remove. Most solvents that DO NOT damage the finish aren’t very useful for adhesive removal. We recommend a solvent designed to remove decals from a vehicle without damaging the body.

If you’re having problems removing old decals, we’d be happy to offer our advice.