Fulfillment programs can save time and money, but is a graphics fulfillment program right for your business?

What is a Graphics Fulfillment Program?

The concept of a graphics fulfillment program is simple. It’s when a graphics provider, like TKO Graphix, warehouses the customer’s inventory of fleet graphics, vehicle wraps, decals, banners, or any other product, and distributes the inventory to the customer as needed. This is a great way to save time and money in addition to other advantages that may not be considered. The many advantages of a graphics fulfillment program include:

  1. Volume order discounts
  2. Offsite warehousing
  3. Online ordering
  4. Consistent brand specifications
  5. Immediate access to graphics with no wait time to produce the product.

It’s a win-win for both the end-user and the graphics provider.

What Are the Advantages of a B2B Fulfillment Program? 

Typically, when people speak of fulfillment programs, they’re most often referring to B2C (Business to Customer) product distribution. Big Commerce explains in one of their articles about ecommerce businesses, “fulfillment centers enable ecommerce merchants to outsource warehousing and shipping. This relieves online business of the necessary physical space to store all products, which is beneficial for merchants without the capacity to directly manage inventory.”

However, the advantages of a fulfillment program aren’t limited to B2C operations. A B2B (Business to Business) fulfillment program offers many rewards. When a business has multiple locations, vehicles, franchises, and representatives that use the same branded products, a fulfillment program may be beneficial for the organization.

For example, TKO Graphix has a customer with privately owned dealers and distributors all across America. Their network of dealers and distributors can shop online and view several company-approved vehicle graphics and wraps, interior signage, trade show products, and promotional products. They can place their order online and have it shipped to them directly. TKO Graphix keeps many of these products in our warehouse, saving the parent company the time and money needed to warehouse, package, and ship the products out to dealers themselves.

Not only do we have the products they need, but we know the best way to package these products to avoid damage during shipment. So instead of our customer trying to tackle the distribution of their products, we do it for them!


When is a Graphics Fulfillment Program a Good Option?

  1. When there’s enough of one product

If you only need a dozen decals, then a fulfillment program isn’t an option. However, ordering hundreds or thousands of decals and wraps for 53’ trailers with multiple branch locations might make sense. We’d be more than happy to discuss fulfillment options with you.

  1. When products lend themselves to stockpiling

Consistent products that won’t be redesigned before they can be used are good products to keep in inventory. If it’s possible that the design might change before the products are used, fulfillment could lead to wasting your investment of the product.

  1. When ordering fits the needs of your team

If your organization has an ongoing need for graphics, signage, and promotional products, a fulfillment program can be an asset. Especially since the graphics are already produced and ready to be shipped. This saves a ton of time!

  1. What products does TKO Graphix warehouse for customers?

TKO Graphix warehouses vehicle graphics, banners, decals, small signage, and promotional products.

Because Everyone Wants Their Products Now

Your franchises, stores, and customers want products now. In the US, we take for granted, let me rephrase that, we expect, our hearts desire to be readily available. It is the dawning of the age of Amazon. As consumers, we don’t consider what it takes to stockpile and ship the things we want. When we add a product to our shopping cart, we expect it on our doorstep in 24 to 48 hours or less.

Duran Inci, an IT consultant with over 11 years of e-business experience and a Forbes.com contributor said that dropshipping is the future. With dropshipping, a business doesn’t stock a product but purchases it from a third-party provider who ships it directly to the customer.

“Dropshipping not only reduces the pressures of shipping, but also the risk of accumulating unused inventory. Many e-commerce B2B services are working to fill this niche and increase efficiency within the marketplace.”

How do I setup a Graphics Fulfillment Program for my Business?

Getting started with a graphics fulfillment program is simple and hassle-free with TKO Graphix. First, our experienced account managers work with you to help you decide what products to produce and how many of each, as well as what products can be produced on demand. After the products are produced, orders may be placed online, or by phone. Once an order is placed, it’s processed by our fulfillment department, and in most cases, shipped within 48 hours. Finally, items are produced and restocked as needed with customer’s approval.

Many large manufacturers, distributors, and corporations rely on TKO Graphix fulfillment services to streamline the distribution of corporate identification, vehicle graphics, decals, banners, promotional products and other graphics through the use of our fulfillment program.

TKO Graphix Fulfillment Customers

Here’s what a few of our fulfillment customers say about our program:

“Florida Cooling Supply has been buying various products from the TKO Graphix team for years. They help us promote our product lines at our locations. All I can say as the buyer for FCS when I call or email Shirley Wurster and her team they get 5 ***** from us!!!! The customer service skills and prompt deliveries to all my 18 locations is unbelievable!!!! Thank you TKO Graphix for your fast service and customer service!”

 -Maria Korbos, Marketing Coordinator of FCS

“I work with a cooling company in North Idaho. This is the second set of graphics we have ordered from TKO. Our vans look great and the staff was nothing but helpful when we reached out with questions. We will continue to use TKO and recommend them to anyone.”

“As a purchasing agent for a major trucking company and a customer of them. I can honestly say TKO goes out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction. Would highly recommend them.”

If you’d like to learn more, Contact Us online or call us at 1-888-544-8051 to speak to an account manager about our graphics fulfillment program.

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