How do you know you got a good deal on vehicle graphics? Are you happy with the finished product? Did the job meet your expectations? Because if it didn’t meet your needs, regardless of price or expediency, it’s not a deal, is it? When people talk about a good deal, they usually mean price, but the price has little to do with satisfaction. The Low Bid Mistake. So, how else can you know you got a good deal on fleet graphics?

Was it Professionally Installed?

Were the installers certified? How to Find the Best Fleet Graphics Installers. Was the job completed in a timely manner, was the worksite keep clean and organized, and was the crew open and attentive to your needs. If the work was completed at your place of business was the installation area left the way it was found or even better?

Does the Design Fit Your Brand?

If you hired the graphics company to complete the design, does it fit your brand? Were vehicle graphics best practices used? 5 Keys to Vehicle Graphics Design.

Is the Work Guaranteed?

Is there a manufacturer’s warranty and did the graphics provider use the equipment and materials required for coverage? Because if they didn’t it may void the manufacture’s warranty. What is the Warranty on a Vehicle Wrap? Does the provider guarantee work not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty? A Vehicle Graphics Horror Story and How to Avoid it. What about future work, can the same quality be repeated? What if there’s damage can it be repaired and matched? Case Study: Graphics Solution for Poor Color Match.

What Do People Say About Your Fleet Graphics?

Have customers’ commented positively about your fleet graphics? Have new leads come to you because they saw your vehicles? Do your drivers feel a sense of pride driving your branded car or truck? Because if if existing customers, new prospects, and employees aren’t talking about your fleet graphics the message is being lost.

Is There Service After the Sale?

Does the graphics provider have dedicated customer service representatives to help you? Because if not, will you still be happy down the road when you need help?

So, Did You Get a Good Deal?

Was it what you expected, was it designed well, and completed on time by qualified installers? Then I’d say yes, you did get a good deal. If not, at least it’s a chance to learn from your mistakes. If you’d like to discuss graphics for your fleet, Contact Us, because we’ll make you a great deal.