My vehicle wrap was keyed can it be repaired? That’s a complicated question because the answer is maybe. Adhesive vinyl manufacturer 3M in a Q & A post doesn’t recommend it. “We do not recommend replacing just one part of a wrap as you may not be satisfied with the visual differences that may be apparent, including color shifts due to using film from a different lot or printing done at a later date, and the slight fading or change in gloss that may have occurred on the installed film.“ However, there are some cases where it may be repaired. A vehicle graphic provider would need to see the vehicle and ask a few questions. Before we go on, may we ask what everybody is wondering? Who keyed your car?

Determining Factors

How long has the graphic been on the vehicle? The longer the graphic has been exposed to weather the more it has faded and the more difficult it will be to match.

What color is it? Some colors, like red, fade perceptively more than other colors in a shorter time.

Is it a full wrap, partial wrap, decals, or cut letters? A full wrap is more difficult to replace whereas decals and cut letters are easier to repair.

Is the body damaged? If the key damaged the paint and scratched the surface, it may show through the graphic. It should be repaired before applying adhesive vinyl graphics.

Is the wrap in panels? If the wrap is newer, unfaded, and was applied in panels, it may be possible to replace only the damaged panels.

What was the quality of the vinyl? If a lower end product was used, it might be difficult to remove without removing more of the wrap than intended.

Who did the design, fabrication, and application? If the original provider is in business, they should have the information to create a new graphic.

My Vehicle Wrap was Keyed can it be repaired? The Answer is—it Depends

Before anyone can answer your question, they’d need to look at the damage to the graphic and your vehicle. If you’re in our area contact us we’d be happy to take a look at it. It’s not the first time we’ve seen this. And if we may offer some advice, when you get your vehicle fixed, be careful where you park it.
Photo by Alpha / CC BY-SA