Great question. I seldom include definitions, but in this case, I want to clarify that OEM means many things to many people. According to Search it Channel Tech Target  “OEM (original equipment manufacturer) is a broad term whose meaning has evolved over time. In the past, OEM referred to the company that originally built a given product, which was then sold to other companies to rebrand and resell. Over time, however, the term is more frequently used to describe those companies in the business of rebranding a manufacturer’s products and selling them to end customers.”

OEM and Adhesive Vinyl Applications

The OEM role of print providers such as TKO Graphix is to print and provide graphics to the specifications of the manufacturer for various purposes. Here are a few of OEM Graphics uses.

  • Make, model, and serial numbers – At one time most product identification was made using aluminum plates. Today graphics can do the same for a lower cost.
  • Branding – Corporate colors, fonts, and logos are easily reproduced with adhesive vinyl graphics.
  • Safety, caution, warning, and instruction – For example, we print thousands of “Caution Wide Turn” decals.

Types of OEM Graphic Products

Adhesive vinyl can be a cost effective and useful way to share information on vehicles and equipment. Traditional metal nameplates, control panels, and branding plates can be expensive. Adhesive vinyl not only can be less of an investment, but it can do more. Metal plates often don’t allow colors to pop or logos to shine. Adhesive vinyl graphics do just that. Here are a few ways they can be produced.

  • Embossed
  • Overlaminate
  • Cut decals
  • Full and partial wraps

Is it Time for you to Think About OEM Vinyl Graphics?

Adhesive vinyl graphics can be designed and produced to brand, identify, and educate. They not only can be used to replace other forms of OEM materials, but have advantages including cost, design flexibility, and they’re easily replaced. Does your product use OEM graphics? If you’re not using vinyl, is it time to switch? If you’d like to learn more Contact Us.