The answer to your question is a definite maybe. It depends on how the truck will be used, where it will be seen, and how the graphic design blends on the vehicle. Here are a few points to consider before deciding to wrap the roof of my truck or not.


Will the design look incomplete or like someone ran out of material if the roof isn’t wrapped. Vehicle graphics that randomly stop at some point on the roofline may look unfinished. The vehicle has a lot to do with it. Is there a definite line between the rooftop and the truck body that defines a place for graphics to end?


Not everyone needs a full wrap; decals or a partial wrap may not be necessary on a car or trucks rooftop. If the message is delivered on the sides, rear, and hood of the vehicle then covering the top may be overkill and add unneeded cost.


If the vehicle will be seen in a metropolitan area it may be wise to use the roof top as advertising space. A truck parked below a high rise with your name and contact information could pay for itself.


Is the vehicle large enough to share a call to action, logo, or tagline? If not it may not be the best use of your marketing dollars to cover the roof.


It can be a blast designing graphics for the top of a vehicle. For example, there’s a tractor-trailer that shares this on the top of the trailer in big bold block letters. “DON’T JUMP!”


A full wrap, including the roof, on the right vehicle, delivering the right message nor only looks good—it looks like a pro.

Should you warp the roof of your fleet vehicle? Yes, if the situation merits it. If the advertising bang for the buck is worth it, if your target audience will see it and understand your message—then the answer is yes. If you’d like to learn more contact us  we’re on “top” of this.[/fusion_text]