So, what kind of vehicles use graphics, you ask? The simple answer is — anything and everything under the sun. Graphics have been applied to all type of vehicles, from bicycles to space shuttles.

FAQ: What Kind of Vehicles Use Graphics?

It’s typical to find cars, vans, trucks, and trailers in our installation department, but it’s not unusual to see a boat or a motorcycle as well. We’ve wrapped ATV’S, golf carts, RV’s, campers, busses, and a dune buggy. Graphics are also used to identify every type of emergency vehicle, and race cars are covered with decals.

Graphics are not only applied to vehicles, but a lot of inanimate objects as well. We’ve wrapped refrigerators, air compressors, iPads, and tape measures, for example. The only limits to what may be wrapped are the substrate and your imagination.

What kind of vehicle do you think would be fun to wrap? Let us know — we’d love to hear from you.

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