So, what makes a vehicle wrap pop? We hear it nearly every day, “Can you make our fleet graphics pop!” And we get it; we understand everyone wants there vehicle graphics to capture the eye of prospective clients. Businesses want their fleets to build brand, share a message, and send a call to action, and that only happens if the graphics P.O.P.

What Makes a Vehicle Wrap Pop? 

So, what makes a vehicle wrap pop? Is it flashy graphics, bright colors, an abundance of copy with products taglines, and calls to action? Is it all of the above, maybe, but probably not. To begin with, what might be an effective design for a stationary location often is lost on a moving vehicle. A design that looks okay sitting still may be too busy when it’s on the road, colors can blend, and details become lost. For example, designing a 53-foot tractor trailer wrap isn’t the same as designing a 53-foot billboard on the side of the road. And that’s because the stationary billboard isn’t traveling at 55 MPH.

Keep it Simple

When designing graphics for a moving vehicle less is more. Short and sweet, simple and to the point are the keys to creating a vehicle graphic that does its job. And what’s that job? Its job is to capture people’s attention and then share a message. Too much information, too many words, multiple images, and distracting colors take away from the task at hand. KISS — “keep it simple stupid.” With the advent of digital printers, modern vinyl adhesives, and state of the art inks, there’s a tendency to overdo it. Just because it can be done doesn’t mean it should be.

What’s the Best Color?

What is the most appropriate color palette for your message? Because color affects meaning, and the wrong color can change the message. For example, yellow is perceived as cheerful, which would make it inappropriate for a funeral home or out of character for a financial institute, yet perfect for Ikea, Pokémon, or the golden arches.

Do You Need a Full Wrap, Partial, or Decals?

Although a full wrap might be the best answer for you, it isn’t always; much depends on what you’re trying to communicate as well as your budget. And, not every part of the car can be or should be wrapped. Chrome bumpers, window trim, and other equipment probably should not be covered, and some materials, such as a few plastics, are difficult to cover. Can Adhesive Vinyl be Applied over Plastic?

Think Outside the Box

While basic design patterns are good for usability and provide a good starting point, don’t copy what everyone else is doing. Have fun with it. When planning and designing a vehicle wrap, ask yourself if it expresses who you are? Is it memorable? What message does it convey?

Snap, Crackle, and Pop!

If you want your fleet graphics to P.O.P. then take the time to design the pop into the wrap. Keep it simple, use the right color palette, and think outside of the crate and you’ll have fleet graphics that snap, crackle, and pop down the street. If you like to learn more, Contact Us, we know how to make it pop.