Great question, a lot depends on the purpose of the sign, where it will be installed, and how long it will be displayed. A temporary sign may announce a weekend event, a six month construction project, or a yearlong corporate expansion. Here are a few of the options.

Banners – Traditionally banners are used for short term events such as festivals, grand openings, and civic initiatives. There are multiple levels of materials, inks, and construction available depending on how they’re used. For example, if it’s to be hung, adding grommets is essential. Outdoor usage calls for weather resistant material, and if it may be re-used, higher quality vinyl and inks should be considered.

Magnetics – If the sign is to be placed on metal then magnetics may be your answer. Magnetics make good temporary identifiers for vehicles and trailers, they hold up well to reuse, and will accept digital print. They do best on flat surfaces, which may limit size.

Window clings – These are good for any glass surface. Window clings are great on club house windows during a golf outing, a conference center entryway during a convention, or a brick and mortar advertising a special. Clings are easy to install, quick to remove, and add to any promotion.

Construction signs – These signs are often seen at construction sites, but have many uses. They’re typically 4×8 or smaller and are constructed from various materials including plywood, corrugated plastic, and aluminum. Our favorite is alumicore, which is corrugated plastic covered with an aluminum skin. It’s light weight, cost effective, and holds up well to the elements. These signs may be mounted on buildings or posts.

The best temporary sign for your purposes will depend on—your purposes. Will it be used indoors or outside? Might it be reused? Where will it be mounted and how long will it be displayed? If you’d like to discuss your temporary sign needs, we’d be happy to offer you a permanent solution for your temporary needs.

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