Will insurance cover my fleet graphics? That’s a good question. This isn’t the first time someone has asked us that question. It usually begins with, can it be fixed and will it match. And then leads to questions about insurance such as this. “One of my business box trucks was recently involved in a fender bender. One side was damaged, including the branded fleet adhesive vinyl graphics. So, will I have to pay for that out of my pocket?”

In most cases, insurance covers replacing vinyl graphics damaged in an accident. However, the only way to be certain is to contact your insurance carrier. As far as insurance coverage, a wrap should be no different than any other aftermarket equipment add-on. For example, if you’ve upgraded the stereo or added wheels, and they were damaged or stolen, you’d expect coverage by your insurance, wouldn’t you? Another example is a repainted car. Insurance coverage would include the new paint. When contacting your insurance agency, ask what specific documentation the insurance provider requires for vehicle graphics coverage.

Documenting Your Fleet Graphics

  • Record a video while walking around one of your fleet vehicles. Show the entire wrap
  • Keep documents, including contracts and receipts. Show the cost of the fleet graphics broken down by vehicle
  • Document the date of the completion of the graphic
  • Ask the graphics provider for a materials list
  • Make copies and store in a safe place


Can the Wrap be Partially Repaired?

Maybe — first, the graphics provider should color calibrate daily to ensure consistent color match. If it’s not calibrated, it may be a challenge to match. Especially if the design is multi-colored. Next, are the original files available? It’s possible to get a match without the files. However, it’s more difficult. How long has the wrap been exposed to the elements? If the wrap was done several years ago, it may have faded and difficult to match. The fading process can be slowed by using top quality materials. And also by protecting the wrap with laminate or clear coat during installation.

So, Will Insurance Cover My Fleet Graphics?

Will insurance cover my fleet graphics? Most likely yes. However, you can increase the likelihood of your fleet graphics being covered by being prepared. Document the wrap, use a  professional provider, and contact your insurance carrier at completion of the wrap. Because doing this could save you time, money, and heartache after an accident. If you’d like to learn more, we’d be happy to give you a “crash course”.

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