Will This Artwork Work? To answer this question, we first need to understand the most common types of artwork submissions.

Raster Art

Created in a pixel-based program, such as Adobe Photoshop. Acceptable file types include .psd, .psb, Photoshop EPS, .tiff, .jpeg, and high-quality PDF. Raster art is an image that has been created through the use of colorized blocks called “pixels.” Raster images must be created with a resolution that matches the final output size to prevent pixelation or graininess. For exterior graphics, the resolution must be at least 50 PPI (pixels per inch) at full scale. For interior graphics, the recommended PPI varies, due to anticipated viewing distance. To be safe, contact the printer before creating the file to ensure proper resolution from the beginning.

Vector Art

Created with a vector-based program, such as Adobe Illustrator. Acceptable file types include .ai, .eps, or high quality PDF. In vector art, shapes are made up of mathematical expressions, or vectors, which can be scaled infinitely without affecting the quality of the image. Vector art is ideal for any application where the graphics will be enlarged, making it preferable for large format graphics.

Unlike graphics, photographs are pixel-based, and cannot be created as vector art. While some upsizing of images can be acceptable, they don’t scale infinitely.

Quark and InDesign native files are not suitable for digital print, which requires the use of RIP (raster image processing) software. They must be exported as high quality PDF files before they may be used.

With any job, be sure to provide all images, links, fonts, or additional information used within the print files to ensure nothing is lost in translation. For accurate color matching, it’s best to provide a physical color proof for comparison. Digital print files, CD, DVD, and flash drives are all acceptable media for submission, and TKO also provides an FTP site for uploading files. As an alternative, files under 100 MB may be sent directly via yousendit.com.

To learn more, check out the TKO Graphix Artwork Submission Guidelines. You can also contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at 1-888-544-8051.