The best thing said about this Carrsun Construction work truck decal vehicle graphic was by the second Carrsun construction driver while standing next to his plain silver-gray truck. He said, “I hate parking next to this truck because it makes mine look so bad!” Don’t get us wrong, his gray truck was immaculate, clean inside and out, if it wasn’t new it sure looked it. It was obviously well taken care of–it just didn’t have decals…yet. His truck was next.

What Makes this Carrsun Construction Work Truck Decal … Work?

To begin with it’s bright and bold. It stands out. This graphic is hard to miss and easy to remember.

Color – Yellow fading to green surrounding white lettering on a black background; the bright colors grab attention placing emphasis on the contrasting letters. The use of black in the yellow adds depth and further directs the eye to the typography.

Shape – The asymmetrical balance combined with shading achieve a three-dimensional look. The contrast of bright colors shaded into the black adds depth. The geometrical shape is new but at the same time comfortable and familiar. It works.

Font – Type must be easy to read, which means contrast and legibility. The company name and phone number pass this test.

Size – To be seen from 50 feet away letters should be at least two inches in height. This is highly visible. Using every bit of the space available makes the design look more like a full wrap than a decal.

Who is Carrsun Construction?

Carrsun Construction is a division of the Carrsun Company; a family owned Indianapolis business founded nearly 25 years ago. They specialize in exterior restoration including storm damage. To learn more call them at 317-727-3380 or visit their office at 3355 S. Arlington Ave.

Making your Vehicles Look Better than New

Whether your business has two trucks, or two thousand vehicles—graphics make a difference. Properly designed, constructed, and installed decals improve the image and appearance of any vehicle; even brand new cars and trucks look empty, incomplete, and lacking without graphics. If you’d like to learn more about graphics for your cars and trucks let us know we’d be glad to help you construct it.