The colors, design geometrics, and font on Co-Alliance tanker graphics combine to make an unforgettable logo. Any business, farmer, or vendor involved with Co-Alliance immediately recognizes the brand. Whether it’s displayed on a monument sign, printed on stationary, installed on vehicles (or tanks)—it’s one of a kind.

 What makes it Work?

To begin with, it’s bright and eye-catching. With stylized farm fields and a radiant sun, even those unfamiliar with the organization understand it’s about agri-business. It’s simple, straightforward, and effective. There are no wasted words or images. It works.

 Who is Co-Alliance? 

Co-alliance serves customers in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. They offer fuels including propane as well as seed, fertilizer, and feed. They also provide animal health products, and technology solutions. Although Co-Alliance is a farmer-owned co-operation, others besides farmers, may purchase products from them.

In Their Own Words

“Co-Alliance is a 100% farmer-owned partnership of local co-ops… Co-Alliance delivers solutions to energy and agribusiness customers in five key areas: liquid power fuels, propane gas, agronomy inputs, grain marketing services and swine/animal nutrition products. We serve customers in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. You do not have to be a farmer or member to purchase products from Co-Alliance. CountryMark fuels, propane gas, Asgrow and Dekalb seed, technology solutions, agronomy inputs and full services, fertilizers, grain marketing expertise, regional grain elevators, feed mills, swine and animal nutrition expertise, animal health products.” –  Co-Alliance Corporate Facebook

Are you Sharing Your Brand Enough?

The Co-Alliance logo hits the mark, and the organization shares it liberally. You can see it on vehicles, products, and their website. It’s on their signage, collateral materials, and promotional products. By sharing their logo, they continue to expand their brand. If you’d like to learn more about branding your product or service let us know we won’t farm it out.