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Don’t Forget the Doors

This video highlights the Cycle Dispatch door graphics from print through installation. We chose to show this door decal because it works. The doors on a fleet truck are not only a great place to advertise it’s the perfect location for DOT numbers. The key to great door decal design is to keep it simple.

The Most Common Door Decal Fails Include:   

  • Omitting door decals. The doors are quite frequently noticed before any other part of a truck. People expect information to be displayed on a door and look for it there.
  • A design that’s too busy. Door decals must be legible at 65 MPH and if there’s an overload of information or art it may hide the important stuff.
  • Lettering that’s too small. People should be able to read door graphics from 50’ away on a stationary truck.
  • A lack of color contrast. The letters and truck color should contrast for visibility. Blue letters on a black truck won’t be seen.

Open this Door 

If you’d like to learn more about door decals for your fleet vehicles let us know, we’re “open” to helping you through that door.