I need to be open, honest, and transparent about this blog post. When I saw TKO Graphix was applying vehicle graphics to this Joe’s Butcher Shop Nissan Van—I was excited. I like meat, and I love to cook. Cooking is creative; eating is sensual. Great meals begin with great ingredients, and Joe’s…has great ingredients.

Who is Joe’s Butcher Shop?

It’s Joe Lazzara from South Bend, Indiana, who, as a child, was influenced by his grandparents Sicilian fruit and vegetable market, “Where food quality, customer service and a sense of community were a top priority.” It was Joe’s parents who “…taught him the importance of giving back to the community.” And it’s Joe Lazzara who traveled across America dining in the best restaurants, meeting famous chefs, and learning, “All of the chefs had something in common when it came to their cooking. The freshness and quality of the proteins they used and the unique way in which they were combined with other fresh ingredients made their dishes spectacular.”

Observing what was available in local supermarkets “…is when Joe realized he needed to give people a better option when it came to purchasing quality meats and seafood.” Joe’s Butcher Shop and Fish Market opened in 2006 offering, “…metro Indianapolis the finest selection of farm fresh beef, veal, lamb, pork, homemade sausages, chicken and the freshest and highest quality seafood.”


Joe respected his parents and grandparents, and the lessons they shared with him, by giving back to the community. “Community involvement is a top priority at Joe’s.” Joe’s Charities


My favorite part of  the Joe’s Butcher Shop and Fish Market website are these recipes. The only problem is there are too many that sound great!

The Vehicle Graphics

The best vehicle graphics send a message, tell a story, and do so while keeping it simple; elegant if you will. The Joe’s Butcher Shop and Fish Market vehicle graphic achieves that. The graphic design in red, white, and yellow against the contrasting black of the vehicle shares who they are, what they do, and how to contact them. It does it through effective typography and in a package that is branded as Joe’s Butcher Shop and Fish Market. As TKO Graphix designer, Jamie Burch said in the video, “There are too many vehicle graphics with too much information. When there’s too much you never can see it all or even who the company is or what they do. The Joe’s Butcher graphic is a good looking design. The key is simplicity and contrast. It just works.”

If you’d like to discuss graphics for your fleet Contact us, we won’t butcher it. Bring us the meat.