Featured Customer: Vintage Trailers Truck Graphics

At TKO Graphix, we like what we do and we take it seriously. Whether it’s design, manufacturing, or installation, we try to do our best, and it’s nice to hear a customer occasionally tell us that. Troy Stone, president of Vintage Trailers, shares his enthusiasm and pride for both his trailer and his new vehicle wrap in this video. Thank you, Troy—we’re proud of it too!

Hauling All Over America

This cab and trailer transports up to four race cars to NHRA, ADRL, and Big Buck Bracket Races. Being racers, themselves, travelling across the country, 12-14 weeks every summer, they understand the lifestyle needs of a racer and how to fit a trailer to those needs. “Whether you are an enthusiast of ATV’s, motorcycles, hot rods, show cars, or anything in between, Vintage has a trailer that is right for you.”

Share Some Good News with Us

It seems the only time we hear about companies and their wares are when things go wrong—recalls, product failures, and poor service. Are you proud of your work? Take a minute to share a story about a satisfied customer, a job gone right, or exceptional service. Feel free to leave your story in the comments. We might even re-post it, as we like to share good news.

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