FlexPAC and TKO Working Together as a Team

We first worked with FlexPAC in 2009, and we’ve helped them with several projects since. This video shows a few of those projects, including vehicle wraps and interior / exterior signage from TKO Signs. It also shows team work, FlexPAC and TKO working together as a team.

In this video, Chris Theisen, Director of Digital Communications for FlexPAC Products and Consulting, mentions partnering and sharing as one of the reasons TKO was chosen to help with their graphic needs. It’s a great example of how organizations can help each other without expecting a payback. Whether Chris and FlexPAC ever used our services or not, we’d continue to support their marketing and social media efforts. It’s what we believe good companies do — they help each other. This goes for FlexPAC, as well. They want to HELP organizations, not just sell product and equipment. It’s relationship building, and it works. Just like FlexPAC and TKO working together as a team.

Founded in 1985, FlexPAC is a family owned and operated company, which distributes industrial packaging supplies, janitorial products, equipment, and safety products. Their business strategy isn’t to attempt to be “one size fits all,” but to tailor their services to solve problems, using customized solutions. They not only offer product and equipment, but in-house service with experienced technicians. There are three FlexPAC locations, Indianapolis, Elkhart, and Quad Cities IA/IL.

If you’d like to learn more about FlexPAC and what they can do for you, contact them.

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  1. ctheisen April 4, 2013 at 8:00 am

    Thanks so much for the partnership and willingness to share what we do with your network. Everyone loves the new sign on the building

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