This is the second tailgate trailer we’ve completed recently. The other was the Harding Group Colts Trailer. We’ve applied decals and wraps to trailers for college teams, bands, and racers and they’re always fun. Because, these trailers represent having a good time while supporting your team. So, just add some BBQ, country music, and a football to throw and you have a party. Another reason these trailers are fun is because the folks we wrap them for appreciate it.  Here’s what FlexPAC had to say, “Our tailgate trailer just got the proper decal treatment by TKO Graphix. If you see us near the southwest vicinity of Lucas Oil Stadium on game days stop by and say hi.”

Designed for Fun and More

The FlexPAC trailer graphic is a conglomeration of strategically placed decals. Eyes are drawn to the the center of the trailer by the stylized branded company name. The brand is outlined with icons and copy that share FlexPAC’s primary products and services.

  • Packaging
  • Safety
  • Equipment and Service
  • Facility Solutions

The decals tell the story of what FlexPAC offers and a bottom border of team emblems make the purpose of the trailer clear. It’s a tailgate trailer.

Thoughts Behind the Design

The design of the trailer led to some unique challenges with the placement of the decals. While traveling its clear who the owner of the trailer is. With our new branding in the last few years its important for us to get our name, logo and service offerings in front of as many eyeballs as possible. While parked however the 3 “windows” are flipped up which obscures most of our branding. This is why we put our name and url on the back of the trailer. It also helps that the back side faces the street so passers by and tailgaters know its FlexPAC’s trailer. When in use (windows up) the team and university logos allow us to show the fun side of the trailer without throwing our name and logo in the face of the people who already know us, the tailgaters. – Chris Theisen, from FlexPac.

Add Graphics to your Party

A plain white trailer would’ve served FlexPAC. The hot dogs and burgers don’t taste any better because of graphics. The conversation and camaraderie didn’t reach new levels, and the football hasn’t been dropped less. No, the graphics don’t make anything better—they make everything better. The decals add to the ambiance, changing the surroundings into a FlexPAC team party, while sharing the FlexPAC story.

If you’d like to learn more about making your event trailer, van, or bus part of the party, throw the ball our way—we’ll run with it.