Not every wrap we do directly advertises a business. We complete graphics for associations, charities, and other initiatives. Although this trailer wrap doesn’t directly market The Harding Group, it does help brand the business. But that’s not why they wrapped this trailer in Colts blue. It’s because the Harding Group loves the Indianapolis Colts.

The Harding Group uses this trailer at their Colts pre-game tailgate party before every Colts home game. Harding is a proud sponsor of the Colts and takes the responsibility seriously. They support the Colts come rain or shine.

Who is the Harding Group?

Harding Group has come a long way from the days when Fred Harding seal coated and paved Indiana asphalt driveways by hand in 1960. Today the asphalt paving company, based in Indianapolis, Indiana operates in seven Midwestern states, employing more than 175 experienced craftsmen, degreed engineers and estimators who provide customers with one-stop shopping for their asphalt surfacing and paving needs. The company can provide everything from manufacturing asphalt for paving, to installing, repairing, and maintaining road, parking lot and driveway surfaces while employing the most up-to-date technologies available.”—From the Harding Group about page

If you’d like to see this trailer first hand it’s not difficult, cruise Lucas Oil Stadium before the game—it’s Hard-ing to miss. Would you like your own specialized wrap? If you want, give us a shout  we’ll share our team spirit with you. Give me a “T”—give me a “K”—give me an “O”!