For the last several years TKO Graphix has completed full wraps on Goodwill Industries 53 foot trailers. The wraps have reflected the public service campaigns and marketing initiatives of Goodwill industries. The full wraps are always eye-catching, creative, and filled with calls to action. Goodwill is a pleasure to work with; it’s an organization TKO Graphix is proud to be associated with.

Most people know Goodwill for their retail outlets. Donate, shop, and repeat. And most folks are aware of the jobs Goodwill creates. This year, donations have helped Goodwill, “Put 181,816 people back to work.” But did you know Goodwill does more? Goodwill does a lot more.

The Job Coach

Last week I was introduced to Jamie Hacker. Jamie is a Job Coach for Goodwill for Central and Southern Indiana. I met Jamie when she visited TKO Graphics to coach one of her students, a TKO Employee. The student is a highly functioning autistic member of team TKO. The employee had proved to be a hard working valuable member of our print team when we learned he had a degree in graphic design.

The individual was interviewed by the head of our design department and scheduled to begin training in vehicle graphic design one day a week. That’s where Jamie comes in, she might not know one thing about graphic design, but she knows soft skills and will be a tremendous asset for our team and the student during his design training.

I sat down with Jamie and asked her a few questions about her job. I learned that not only does she help acclimate her students to the workplace, but she also works with employers to create the most productive environment for her students and the business.

A Mission to Serve

Goodwill’s mission is, “To enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, and helping people in need reach their full potential through learning and the power of work. That’s what Jamie’s department, disability services does. they find jobs, place students,  and coach. I’ve observed Jamie help her student employee adjust to the workplace. When I questioned her about her role she shared the basics of being a Goodwill job coach, a position I didn’t know existed until we met, and she gave me an idea of her coaching philosophy. One thing she said resonated with me, she said, “People need a purpose in life, and my job is to help them find it.”

As I said earlier, we at TKO appreciate working with Goodwill. And after meeting Jamie, learning about Goodwill’s disability services, and job coaching, my respect has risen even higher. Goodwill does a lot of good, and it isn’t only in their stores. It’s in the community.

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