Before we discuss Honest Abe Roofing fleet garphics advertsing, here’s what an Honest Abe employee had to say about TKO Graphix. “I work for Honest Abe Roofing and have had TKO do many truck wraps for our company. They are always professional and very efficient. The quality of the wrap is flawless as well. Great job to your team and keep up the awesome work.”

Why Choose Honest Abe Roofing?

“At Honest Abe Roofing we are metal experts. We are an authorized ForeveRoof™ dealer which means we get our materials straight from the manufacturer and are able to pass the savings on to you! Metal roofs provide energy savings, beauty, and protection for your home that can last a lifetime. Offered in a rainbow of colors, your metal roof can be a traditional vertical seam profile. Or be manufactured to resemble wood shake, slate, shingles or clay tiles.” — About Honest Abe Roofing

SUV Wrap - Rear and Side ViewThe Fleet Vehicles Advertising 

Honest Abe Roofing understands the importance of a unified brand. If you view their website, see a yard sign, or pass one of their cars or trucks you immediately know it’s Honest Abe Roofing. The vehicle wraps have an eye-catching blue background with the Honest Abe Roofing logo superimposed. The Logo of good ole Honest Abe takes up the driver’s door. Their name, printed in the branded font and then etched in black with a white outline against the blue. Their phone number 844-4-ABENOW is easy to find and remember. There are calls to action and taglines on every side of the vehicles, “Invest Once Guarantee” “Easy Payment solutions” and “The Reliable Roofer.” It’s hard to miss this fleet vehicle, and when a consumer sees it the message, it’s loud and clear. Honest Abe Roofing is here to help.

Honestly, We’d Like to Help You Too

Yes, we’d like to help you. There are other good vehicle graphics providers besides TKO Graphix, and then there some that aren’t so great such as this nightmare, A vehicle graphics horror story and how to avoid it.  So, let me be honest, if you’d like to learn more about fleet graphics advertising, after more than 30 years in business, we have the answers, Contact Us.