When I first saw this wrap I had one thought—I’m hungry. I want one of those sandwiches. The image of the sandwich blends perfectly with the faded dark red-to-red wrap and did you notice how the top slice of artisan bread covers the rear roof of the van? Perfect. The design elements combine tastefully—image, logo, and call to action. Besides the great looking sandwich, the other design element that stands out are the use and placement of catchphrases. They capture one’s attention, inform, and call for action.  It’s an example of how an effective vehicle wrap works.

Praise for the Phrase

The website and offerings: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and catering are clearly visible—even at 55 MPH. And three catchy phrases are shared all around the vehicle.

  • “You Click. We Cater.”
  • “Last-minute Order Experts”
  • “Work or Play, Catered Fresh to Order”

This wrap shares exactly what Corner Bakery Café does, does it with fun, and it makes you hungry, doesn’t it?

Who is Corner Bakery Café?

Founded in 1991 on a downtown corner of Chicago, the Corner Bakery Café offered artesian bread and baked sweets. Soon customers asked for sandwiches using their now famous bread. Add homemade soup and you have a recipe for success. Corner Bakery Café now serves communities from Illinois to Texas.

“Today, we continue to fulfill the needs and desires of our neighbors with a menu of ingredient-inspired, prepared-to-order food. When you visit our cafe, you’ll see real kitchens in place of assembly lines. You’ll hear the chopping of over 40 types of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables, and the sizzle of our real panini grill. You’ll see the stove’s open flame and feel the warmth from our ovens working all day long. They’re the traditions we established years ago that we still passionately follow today.” Corner Bakery Cafe

Are Your Vehicle Graphics Appetizing?

If you’d like to add flavor to your company vehicles let us know, we’ll show our menu. We have the perfect recipe for you. Bon appetite!