Are You Ready to March into the Season with a New Marching Band Trailer Wrap?

A marching band trailer wrap is a great way to brand your marching band trailers while off­ering high-impact advertising space for your community sponsors. Whether you have several band trailers, or just one, TKO Graphix can help you and your sponsors stand out on the road. We offer full-service trailer wrap solutions.

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Why is Showing Your Pride Important?

I was a jokester in high school, but I tell people that participating in marching band might have taught me more about life and work than any single class I took. I became part of a team that had a focused mission. We learned the importance of preparation, both individual and as a team. And I saw the rewards of a job well done.

The kids in the band should be proud of their hard work and accomplishments. They should be recognized, and one of the best ways we know to show your appreciation is to show your pride.

Not only does participating in band build character, but studies show it also improves academic development. Research by PhD, professor, and musician, Peter Gouzouasis, in a study of more than 100,000 students showed, “Students who learned to play a musical instrument in elementary and continued playing in high school not only score significantly higher but were about one academic year ahead of their non-music peers with regard to their English, mathematics and science skills.” —  Music Participation Is Linked to Teens’ Academic Achievement

76 Trombones

Many years ago, I played trombone in my high school band. I got in trouble more than once for poking the band member in front of me with my slide. The band director said I wasn’t showing pride in the band. He was right. Unfortunately, our marching band trailer didn’t show much pride either.

When we traveled to away games the band boarded onto school buses, and then we loaded our equipment into a trailer that Mr. Holman, the music director, towed with his old pickup truck. The truck had seen better days and so had the trailer.

The trailer had a hand-painted mascot, a hawk, and the school’s name. The H had faded out, so we were the “igh School Marching Band”, and the hawk’s beak had been scraped off against a pole while backing out at an away football game. The bottom line is that our marching band trailer didn’t show much pride, does yours?

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Marching Band Trailer Wrap?

So, does your marching band trailer wrap show the pride your community has in its band? Or is your marching band trailer wrap more like Mr. Holman’s old truck and faded trailer?

Our team of designers, sales staff, and installers have been working with schools for more than 35 years. We understand your challenges and can meet your needs.

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Here at TKO Graphix we do more than vehicle graphics and trailer wraps. Not only can we help you show your pride with your marching band trailer wrap, but we can also help with other promotions.

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