Going for the Win! 

Darrell Gross, founder of MRS (Maintenance Repair Service), was quoted in HVACR Business Magazine “I’ve read HVACR Business for many years and enjoy looking at the Tops in Trucks contest winners. This was a goal of mine. When I started the rebranding process I told my team it would be nice to be part of that group of winners.” The MRS team approached TKO Graphix last year about a rebranding project and one of their goals was to be an HVACR Business Tops in Trucks winner. The winners were announced in June and MRS won!

The Design looks like Home

Part of the appeal of the MRS fleet graphics is how comfortable they are. They look modern but would’ve been at home parked in Ozzie and Harriet’s driveway. “The new MRS (Maintenance Repair Service) vehicles look…trustworthy. The graphics share who MRS is and what they do. The MRS vehicle wraps are more than identification—they’re advertising. They share a message. These graphics are comfortable. They look and feel good. They feel like—home.” — Photo Blog: MRS

It was a Team Effort

When I asked Nancy Jarial who designed the fleet graphics she paused and said, “It truly was a team effort, I designed the logo, Eric Benge completed the layouts of the different projects, and George Pitney adapted it to the different types of vehicles, but we all helped each other.” And like any rebrand it was much more than vehicles. “The rebranding included: Logo Design, Business Cards, Service Forms, Vehicle Graphics, Building Signs, Storefront Signage, Yard Signs, Window Graphics, Interior Signage, Desk Wrap, Apparel, Banners, Promotional Products, and a Billboard.” — Case Study: Unifying a Small Business Brand

We Wanted the Win for MRS

Shirley Wurster, who worked directly with MRS on this project, and deserves a lot of credit for its success, received this email From MRS founder Darrell Gross,

“…anyone that contacts me will definitely know about you and your company. Thank you for all your help. Without you and your team at TKO this wouldn’t have been possible.”

No sir, we thank you and your team at MRS. It was our privilege. We like working with winners!