Like any business, the vehicle graphics industry has many grades of providers. Some are A players while others get an F. But how can a customer know which is which? Should you throw darts at a board, flip a coin, consult a medium? Nope, here are six indicators that place a vehicle graphics provider at the head of the class.

6 Keys to Grading a Vehicle Graphics Provider

Long-Term Customer Relationships

A top vehicle graphics provider is capable of maintaining long-term customer relationships. To do this, a company must not only meet the consumer’s needs but predict them. Knowing a client’s industry and solving problems makes a vendor part of the team. Relationships are built on trust and fueled by being mutually beneficial.

Dedicated Customer Service Representatives and Consultants

How often have you called a provider for service only to be met with an automated response? Graphics providers that offer customer service representatives dedicated to customers that not only answer the phone but know customers by name are more likely to help clients than an answering machine.

A Professional Design Team

Vehicle graphics design is a specialization. There are two key concepts which set it apart from other design disciplines. First, it’s three dimensional, what may look great on a flat screen may not work on a multi-sided vehicle. And second, the most important point to remember in vehicle graphics design is to deliver the message. Many designers forget this, and in an attempt to create a pretty design they muddy the waters. Who Should Design Your vehicle Graphix?

Printers up to the Task

Large format printers shouldn’t be one size fits all. Unlike many providers, TKO Graphix offers print options to fit individual customer needs. There are advantages to both digital and screen print. Digital or Screen Print What Should You Use

Certified Installers

It’s not only certification but the level of certification. For example, you wouldn’t want a pilot who was certified to fly a single engine prop plane to pilot a 747, would you? Some training certifies applicators only for decals on flat surfaces others for installing wraps on complex curves. It makes a difference. How to Find the Best Vehicle Graphics Installers.

Time in Business

Can a company who has been in business for a short time offer great work? Yes, we did in 1985. Can a provider who has been in business 30 years give poor service? You bet, but in general, if a company has survived for 20, 25, or 30 years there’s a reason, and the reason revolves around meeting customer expectations.

Put the Dice Away

Don’t roll the dice when it comes to choosing a vehicle graphics provider. Grade graphics vendors before turning your fleet graphics over to them. Ask for testimonials from long-standing customers, check out the designers work, dig into the type of certification the applicators carry, and ask whether screen or digital is best for your needs.

If we can answer any questions for you, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Did I mention we still have our first customer from 1985?