TKO Graphix is privileged to have worked with many fine companies through our fulfillment programs. The programs provide decal and wrap kits for fleet vehicles. Occasionally, customers will ask our advice on removing old decals or wraps from vehicles. After discussing this with Bill Moss, TKO Graphix Installation Manager, we decided it might be best to show you how to remove decals. Here are the proper steps to removing an adhesive vinyl decal from a vehicle.  

  • 1. Removing simple plotter cut decals and letters

    • Heat the surface with a hand torch
    • Constantly move the torch. Do not rest the torch on one spot.
    • Heat the surface to 160° — 200°
    • Test the surface temperature with the back of your hand
    • Use a 3MTM poker to loosen the edge
    • Lift the decal with your fingers
    • Pull back at a 45° angle
    • Reheat the surface as it cools
    • Remove decals
  • 2. Removing larger decals and wraps

    • Consider using a larger propane torch. Follow all torch use and safety instructions.
    • Always keep the torch moving on the graphic.
    • Keep the heat away from all plastic trim such as handles and window trim.
    • Grab the edge of the decal and pull back at a 45°angle.

Note: If adhesives remain adhered to the surface after the decal has been removed, use a citrus-based cleaner to remove the adhesive. TKO Graphix offers DAR 2000 for purchase, a citrus-based cleaner, used by our own installers. Call 877-TKO-2324 for sizes and prices.

  • 3. Varying surfaces and conditions may affect decal removal including:

    • Age and condition of the vehicle
    • Age and condition of the decal
    • Initial quality of the vinyl and adhesive product

TKO Graphix offers this information strictly as advice, and is not responsible for any damage to vehicles or surfaces during decal removal. Surface conditions vary by use and are susceptible to damage. If you are uncertain as to the condition of the vehicle or surface, check with a certified graphics installation provider before attempting to remove the decal.

TKO Graphix is not responsible for the safe use of any and all tools and equipment. All safety instructions on all equipment should be followed.

If we can answer any questions or if you need help with fleet graphics removal, Contact Us.